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Fibrelime premixed flexible lime plaster


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A highly versatile and adaptable one-coat lime plaster product.

Suitable for new build, sustainable building and historic building alike.

Fibrelime can be applied in a single coat from 3-30mm thick to a wide variety of building materials, internally or externally.

Fibrelime is available in tubs for convenience (approximate weight 24kg)  Please contact us for the best prices on orders of more than one pallet.

A 24kg tub will cover 1 metre square at 14mm thick


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Product Description

Please contact us ok 07900914748 for availability 

Fibrelime is a traditional lime based plaster with innovative fibres*.

  • Highly adhesive to a number of substrates
  • Flexible
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Resists shrinkage, cracking and shear damage

Fibrelime enables a range of finishes from smooth to textured. As a lime putty product Fibrelime has full breathability.


Fibrelime is suitable for a comprehensive range of background building materials on historic and new build structures, from a 3mm skim coat to a 30mm one-coat render or plaster.

Fibrelime will adhere to numerous substrates with few limitations. Some ideal substrates include:

  • Lightweight blocks
  • Bricks
  • Stone
  • Earth
  • Reed
  • Woods with an open surface
  • Woodwool boards
  • Metal and timber lath
  • Historic plasters (for reinforcement)
  • Mix of substrates


Fibrelime can also be used as a flexible mortar, but requires re-pointing in aggregate lime for aesthetic considerations.

Technical information available at:

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Single 24kg buckets (COLLECTION ONLY), Small pallet 12 tubs, Half pallet 24 tubs, Full pallet 36 tubs

1 review for Fibrelime premixed flexible lime plaster

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    Some comments from our users:

    “I used Fibrelime Plaster as a one coat system onto Magnesium Silicate Board to provide a breathable finishing coat to 2 bay windows in a Townhouse built in the 1800’s and with no cavity in the wall. I found the Fibrelime slightly different to apply compared with gypsum based plasters although I also found it quite tough to mix, I used a single paddle plaster mixer on a slow setting, I think a smaller paddle would mix better. Most of the fibrelime coat was about 3-5mm in thickness, although I did have to build out in places up to 30mm, this I done with absolutely no problem and with no sag or slump in the plaster. I liked the finish the Fibrelime leaves and though I encountered air pockets while trowelling up, I polished these out the following day leaving a nice flat finish. 10 out of 10 from me.”

    Martin Douglas, Plasterer (Northumberland)

    Tel: 07894 792263

    “Thanks For the Fantastic Plastering Products. Just a quick email to say that the client is over the moon with your products. I for one have loved using them they work so well I take my hat off to you your on to a winner there. ”

    Richard Westwood (West Midlands)

    Tel: 07816 581559

    For a customers recommendation regarding the application of Fibrelime, please visit their Designed to Breathe Blog

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    Rachel and Andrew (

    “We have used Fibrelime over the last six months on various applications and I must say that we have been extremely pleased with the results. It has amazing bond and set qualities and is very user friendly. A fantastic product”

    Graham Baster (G A Baster Plastering)

    “Hello, Just a short note to say this week I used your Fibrelime for the first time and what a fantastic product, easy to use, great finish, in all I used 22 tubs and the customer is really happy with the result.”

    ABM Plastering, Diss (Norfolk)

    Tel: 07842 096656

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