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NewKey DIY Lime Lath Plaster repair kit


– Exclusive to Roman Construction Products, patent pending –
Made to order, please allow 3-5 days for dispatch.

Repair, don’t replace!

This simple to use kit can help to resolve a number of common issues with Lime Lath paster that occur over the years.
Damaged keys and weak areas of ceilings, or damage caused by services and installations can all be repaired easily.

Fully tested for bond strength and vapour permeability.

SKU: newkey

Product Description

This product has been developed specifically for householders needing a DIY solution to damaged or weak lime lath ceilings. It can avoid the need for costly repairs or even replacement ceilings and walls in many historic buildings. The kit contains enough to repair 1m2 of damaged or weak ceilings at the specified application rates. The kit contains a breathable penetrating primer to help consolidate and strengthen weak plaster, and aid adhesion for the new key. A specially formulated breathable adhesive which can be applied to the affected areas. Fiberglass mesh, applicators, accessories and instructions.

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