The Silic8 Range:

A selection of vapour open products manufactured here in the UK. The range has been developed to overcome a number of construction challenges for new and historic building works. The Silic8 range has been independently tested for vapour diffusion to reassure you that water vapour is not trapped in the fabric of your building. Patent pending.

Some typical substrate types: *

•Masonry backgrounds

•Magnesium silicate boards

•Historic or new plasters (lime, cement or gypsum)

•Wood, and wood type boards

•Insulation systems

•Terracotta and some ceramic tiles and paints

An in-house testing facility for bond strength is offered if you have specific requirements**

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keyfix newkey aerogel

Product Description Tin Size Approx. Coverage
PS1 A mineral based fluid penetrating solution designed to control many high suction backgrounds whilst still remaining vapour open. Penetrating solutions can also be used to consolidate and stabilise problematic surfaces and substrates and provide additional bond strength prior to the application of MPL1, FP1 or Silic8 Adhesives or Filler. Dries clear. 5.5kg 13kg 100m²


PS2 A concentrate version of PS1. Dilute PS2 up to 1:1 with water or can be used as a more concentrated solution for individual specification. 14kg Up to 560m²
MPL1 Primer A mineral based plaster primer which is designed to control many high suction backgrounds whilst still remaining vapour open. MPL1 can also be used to consolidate problematic surfaces and substrates. It offers excellent adhesion to most substrates and the primer’s gritted surface provides a key for a new suitable plaster to bond to. 7kg 16kg 12m² 27m²
MPL2 Primer Similar qualities to MPL1 but with a finer grit for general use and thin coat plasters. (formerly FP1) 7kg 16kg 14m² 31m²

Silic8 AD Adhesive

A general purpose, flexible, fire resistant mineral adhesive. Excellent bond strength on a wide range of substrates whilst still remaining vapour open. AD1 can also be used as a base coat filler, heavy duty primer under plasters or renders or for adhering insulation. It is also used to repair lime plaster as part of the NewKey system for small areas suitable for patch repairs. 9kg


500g/m² At 1mm thick

Silic8 AD Adhesive

A non-combustible vapour open mineral adhesive with fine fibres for larger areas or where increased flexibility and cracking resistance is required. Use as part of the NewKey system for larger areas or for adhering insulation as part of a vapour open or non-combustible system. Special order item to individual specification. 20kg 500g/m² At 1mm thick
AeroGel Fix Adhesive Specially designed for use with AeroGel insulation fleece to form a highly insulating ultra slim solution. Use on historic walls, curved walls, reveals, limited space environments, including those where retaining historic details is important. Applied as a primer with a brush the primer will seal the AeroGel and provide a key for plaster. 20kg 8m² as a system 11m² as a troweled adhesive
MF1 Filler Adhesive A high quality mineral based white filler and light duty adhesive with fantastic performance. This filler adhesive makes the perfect solution to damaged plasterwork and has been specially designed and tested as part of our NewKey plaster repair kit. Holds shape well and can be built up in deep fill areas or to adhere plaster details. Lightweight and easy to smooth, sand and highly vapour open. Use in combination with PS1 to consolidate and stabilise problematic surfaces and substrates and provide additional bond strength prior to the application of MF1. Any repairs to the plaster keys should, where possible, be completed and set prior to using MF1 to repair the plaster face. Powder filler: dilute in accordance with the instruction on the tin.

This product is also available as a pre-mixed MF2 fine filler adhesive.

Variable 500g/m² At 1mm thick


Use: Use to repair, protect and consolidate or improve mineral substrates

Stir products well before use.  The surface to be primed or adhered must be sound and dry. Where the surface is powdery or friable, use a penetrating solution to stabalise, work the primer into the affected areas with a brush and test for bond strength after 24 hours.

Ensure that surrounding surfaces are protected, particularly glass. Wash splashes, tools and brushes with water. Do not store or use in extremes of temperatures (<5 or above 30C). If splashed on the skin wash off immediately with water. Wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment; Refer to the Safety Data Sheet before use (see download link below)

Primed surfaces can be plastered after 24 hours. Check for bond strength prior to plastering.  Providing the primed surfaces are dry and sound primed surfaces can be left before plastering. We recommend a vapour open plaster such as Solo One Coat.  Ensure that the plaster is appropriate to the task and applied in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Shelf life: Products in the Silic8 range have a minimum 24 months shelf life.

* We do not take responsibility for compatibility with any of the suggested or unlisted substrates types.

**A charge is made for this service  and is only indicative of actual bond strength. Not all substrates are suitable for testing at our facility. Due to the variation of substrate types we recommend that a representative area of substrate to be primed is first tested to satisfy all your requirements